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436 Ft. Washington Avenue, 6B
New York, NY

The Art Mob

Founded in 1979 in NYC and named after a song by artist/songwriter Terry Allen called "The Art Mob's Out Tonight," this group of lovelorn, hapless singers banded together to complain about their cruel treatment at the hands of unappreciative and inappropriate partners while simultaneously singing, eating chocolate and telling internet jokes.

The dozen or so nonprofessional singers and punsters of The Art Mob have been entertaining friends, family and first offenders for nearly twenty years with outdated and unfashionable songs from a variety of ever-to-be-forgotten sources.

The group includes (in addition to several artists, poor souls) people who work in such peculiar fields as acting, writing, city government, teaching, editing, medicine, law, research, web technologies, and construction.

Bravely singing in the a cappella style, The Art Mob pounces on obscure songs found in musty old hymnals and tattered choral books, boldly giving listeners a taste of what life may have been like back then, when group singing was a popular form of entertainment enjoyed by a wide spectrum of the living, including ax murderers and oil barons. Go figure.


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