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Apes&Babes is a norwegian vocal group with a raw and natural sound. Repertoire and arrangements are mostly inspired by rock, pop and world music. Our rehearsals contain much experimentation and improvisation, testing the abilities of the human voice.


RARB rewiev of Record "Rå": 4,7

Winner of vocal group competition Aarhus Vocal Festival 2006

"Planet of Apes&Babes" released on major Norwegian record label Grappa. Norwegian printed distribution and worldwide digital distribution (iTunes, Spotify and more)

RARB rewiev of record "Planet of Apes&Babes": 4,3
- also on "Pick of the year 2009"

Song on compilation "SING SIX: SUNNY SIDE UP"

CARA nominee 2010: "Best Folk/World song" and "Best Folk/World album"

ACA nominee 2011: "Favourite Folk/World Group"

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