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The Washington University Amateurs
One Brookings Drive, Box 1128
St. Louis, MO

The Amateurs

Formed in the fall of 1991, the Amateurs started as an accompanied choir sporting no fewer than 30 members. Back then, collegiate a cappella was in its infancy, and the Amateurs endeavored to bring something new, exciting, and different to Washington University’s musical scene. Our founders — Bob McKelvey and David Cooperstein — envisioned a group of singers who would operate under a single credo: do it because you love it. Over the next six years, the Amateurs did just that. The group began using instruments less and less frequently, making their first forays into the pure a cappella form. Auditions brought incredible new singers every year, and members began to arrange modern rock, pop, and R&B music for strictly vocal performance. The Amateurs became less like a student organization and more like a tightly-knit group of musicians. Successful concerts and our debut album in 1997 established the Amateurs as a force on campus. Recently, the Amateurs have taken their campus notoriety to the international competition scene with great success, while recording three critically-acclaimed albums over the past two years and performing on tour in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and everywhere humanly possible along the way. The group’s new musical leadership has introduced fresh arrangements, exciting technique, and original composition into the mix. These days, “The Amateurs” is a familiar name on campus and in the international collegiate a cappella scene. And today, just as in the fall of 1991, we hold fast to the original goals of our founders; we truly do it because we love it.


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