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The concept of Alpha was created during the winter of 1988 at the 7th Day Adventist School in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico. It first started as a traditional Christian a cappella quartet named "Cuarteto de la Academia" (The Academy's Quartet). They were two professors and two students singing in schools and some church activities. By the summer of 1989, the group changed its name to Alpha. They took their name from the conception of a new beginning with God, the first and only. Being influenced by groups like Acappella, AVB, and Glad, Alpha started to create their own a cappella style. By 1991, Alpha finally became an "independent" group (with no professors!!!). By late 1992 the 5 young guys brought imagination, determination, and integrity to their artistry when the model for groups of their kind was a safe commercial blend. Their superiority in every aspect of vocal arranging and performance began to get them known in Puerto Rico and Latin America. It was not until 1997 that Alpha released their first album "Canción" receiving a nice acceptance not only in Puerto Rico but also in the Caribbean and some cities in the United States. Four years later (2001) the sextet began to explore different vocal styles (R & B, Pop, Fusion Jazz). Truly inspired by groups like Boyzz to Men and Take 6, Alpha released their second album called "Alpha". By then the name Alpha became recognized in Central and South America, and Spain. Through the years, Alpha has participated in many events around US and Dominican Republic. Their performances in sporting events (MLB, NBA, and championship boxing to name a few), background vocals with award winning vocalist and bands, and appearances on various television entertainment programs has earned them their place as one of the most enduring and best-loved vocal groups in Puerto Rico. Currently, Alpha is a band where the instruments are sung instead of played. Not only the lead vocal and the background choruses, but also all the instruments of the Latin orchestra - percussion, homs, keyboards, bass, and all the other instruments are vocally reproduced. Alpha is currently comprised of seven young Puerto Rican men in their twenties. They focus on Latin music roots and are currently working on Latin jazz, salsa, and several other Latin music projects. They are now looking to make their music and talent accessible to you.


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