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Raleigh, NC

Almost Recess [NOW Transit]

Almost Recess is a vocal band from Raleigh, NC, whose mission is to bring kickin' a cappella music to every single person in the world.Four talented singers and musicians make up the new face of Almost Recess, an a cappella band from Raleigh, NC. The band collectively has a diverse musical background, but what unites them is their love of singing. Their sound is fresh and dynamic, and will dazzle even the most discerning listener. Almost Recess is able to create the sound of a band using only their voices! All of the members have been singing since their early grade school days, and understand through experience the importance of developing a musical foundation at a young age. Almost Recess is excited and honored at the opportunity to expose the youth of America to a new sound using the oldest instrument - the voice.

Now Transit: http://www.casa.org/groups/transit


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