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School or Affiliation: Florida State
Tallahasee, FL

All-Night Yahtzee

Established in the Fall of 1998 by Michigan State University alum Brian Haverkate, All-Night Yahtzee is the premiere co-ed a cappella group at Florida State University along with the all-female Acabelles and the all-male Reverb. We consist of between 14-16 singers of all different majors and concentrations.

Since it's inception, this Southern mixed group has been making crowds simultaneously nod with musical approval and scratch their heads with curiosity. What the heck kind of name is All-Night Yahtzee anyway?

In it's short 9 year history, All-Night Yahtzee has performed in many concerts, events and competitions. Their most notable success culminated with their participation in the International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella, where for three years runnning, the group competed as ICCA Finalists representing the South Region. In 2006 and 2007 the group's Music Director Christopher Diaz was awarded Oustanding Soloist at the Finals, and in 2007 Travis Smith was also awarded as Outstanding Vocal Percussion in the competition's Finals. At the 2008 finals Caitlin Nelson won Outstanding Choreography, and All-Night Yahtzee was named 2nd in the world!

Band Interests
Butterflies, cookies, Apples to Apples, photocopies, making out, dance parties, Cats, more dancing, sassiness, ya know.

Artists We Also Like
transit, Naturally 7, Fork, The Acabelles, Reverb, The Accidentals (!), The Spartones, The Amalgamates, Off The Beat, The Clef Hangers, No Southern Accent, Reverse Osmosis, Noteworthy and millions more


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