Hell bent on defying the stereotype surrounding the genre of choral, Aliqua is intent on finding the most engaging music that the world has to offer without regard for cultural borders or language barriers. In any given performance, you might hear a Venezuelan travelling song, a french lullabye, a Tahitian bird worshipping chant, a cover of anything from Metallica toMumford & Sons, an Argentinean tango... and most likely all of the above. Aliqua strives to engulf themselves and their audience in unknown and unexpected territory.

There is no term that sufficiently defines Aliqua - a hybrid combining choral, folk, world, and pop styles into something unique. Paying little attention to what people expect or assume, Aliqua's signature style and presence leave a lasting impact. Singing whatever they find interesting, enthralling, infectious or beautiful, Aliqua knows no boundaries.


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