School or Affiliation: Dickinson State University
Dickinson, ND


The aka'Fellas started back in October of 2005 as a four member a cappella group. They were all Dickinson State University students will the desire to entertain. The 'Fellas started by entertaining shoppers at the local mall a couple times and then they soon found themselves singing at local conferences and fundraisers to help make a little extra cash during school. They even had the opportunity to open for the Medora Musical. In late 2006 the aka'Fellas added a fifth member to their group, Jon Tangen, to help hold down the bass line while Ryan Whipple focused more on vocal percussion. In early 2007 they found themselves holding auditions to fill a vacant second tenor position, with this came the addition of Lance Rustand. The five guys clicked immediately and pushed ahead to start getting the aka'fellas name out there. They performed in Hettinger, Scranton, Belfield, New England, Bowman, and all over Dickinson.

2008 brought Singing Valentines in February, a Music Festival in March, and in June they blew the Band Shell away with a turnout of over 750 people. After that concert the 'Fellas said goodbye to their Bariton Daniel Clayton. He moved out to Oregon to pursue a graduate degree. Along came the addition of Sam Meehan. With a few performances in Dickinson and one in Bismarck in October the aka'Fellas went quiet for awhile. Bradley had moved to Minot to go into management with JCPenneys and Ryan Whipple had started to teach Music in Hettinger. In June of 2009 they came back with another Band Shell performance. The concert was rained out and rescheduled for three days later. With a hard media hit in the paper and the radio they stilled managed to pull in close to 500 audience members. Jon announced this was his last concert and the search for a new Bass began. The Position was filled by DSU music graduate Conway Heupel.


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