The Akafellas. NO INSTRUMENTS. JUST VOICES. With these words, the Akafellas have established themselves as the premier popcappella group in the Philippines and presently one of the hottest local group artists. With their unique brand of music called popcappella—popular music sans instrumental accompaniment—innovative showmanship, creative energy, and young appeal, they have thrown acappella back into the limelight and brought it to a wider, more mainstream, and much younger audience. Taking their artistic inspiration from other venerable acappella groups such as The Tux, The Opera, and The CompanY, the Akafellas showcase their unique take on different musical genres (jazz, R&B, hip-hop, standards, pop, rock, dance, alternative, and techno) by rendering them in purely acappella. With their amazing musicality proven by rich melodies and harmonies, jaw- dropping simulation of instruments and effects, and vibrant performances, the Akafellas achieve a complete live band sound—with just their eight voices. WE ARE A VOICE BAND. Before their appearance in the local music scene, the group started almost three years ago under a different guise, the Akafellows. Then an all-male choir, the group was composed of students from different schools brought together by their mutual love for music and interest in theater. All individually talented performers, they gradually developed their own kind of music, inspired by other college-based popcappella groups in the United States. After some major changes with their name, image, repertoire, members, and even management, the newly renamed Akafellas made their major debut at Magic 89.9’s VOICES Popcappella Competition in late 2002, bagging the First Runner Up and Crowd Favorite Awards. Soon after, the group went on to perform all over the country alongside other local artists, stage its own concerts, and even open for international artists Stephen Speaks, Mandy Moore, and Mariah Carey. SINGING IN A CAPPELLA MAKES YOU WONDER WHAT YOU HEAR. In early 2004, the Akafellas entered the professional recording scene and released their self-titled debut album under Star Records. “Harana” and “Bongga Ka Day” were the first singles off the album, introducing the unique contemporary style of the group. Acclaimed director Connie Macatuno directed the group’s first music video for the album cut “Bongga Ka Day.” The group’s contribution to the local music industry was quickly recognized by industry peers and fans alike, garnering their fair share of nominations in 2004. They were the recipients of Best Performance By A New Group Recording Artist/s for “Help Me Forget” (AWIT 2004), Best Concert Performance (ALIW 2004), Best Acoustic Group (ARAP 2004), and Best Acappella Group (ARAP 2005) They are also currently nominated for this year’s AWIT Awards in Best Alternative Music for the collaboration track “My Imagination” from the movie “Crying Ladies”, as well as Best Vocal Arrangement for both “Harana” and “Bongga Ka Day”. THE AKAFELLAS IN 2005. The Akafellas started the year strong as they toured several key cities all over the country, while landing gigs in the hottest bars and joints around the Metro. But the most major performance to date is being the front act of two International acts, R&B princess Ashanti and British pop sensation Daniel Bedingfield. This year, the Akafellas have set their sights squarely on further advancing the popcappella genre and innovating their own musical style. Currently hard at work on their second album, due for release this December by Star Records, the group will be introducing more original compositions and arrangements, all purely in acappella. Whether it’s to establish popcappella as a legitimate musical genre or themselves as true OPM artists, one thing’s for sure - the Akafellas are definitely here to stay and are intent on challenging the norms of contemporary music. With these young men firmly in the OPM scene, local music will never be the same again. POPCAPPELLA AND THE AKAFELLAS Following their success in 2005, the Akafellas then took a big step in cementing not only their place in the local music scene but also in further promoting their brand of acappella. Local Metro Manila radio station JAM 88.3, together with Star Records, launched in February 2006 an all-acappella album entitled "The Blend: A JAM-cappella album". Headlined by the Akafellas and featuring other Filipino acappella artists in the country and abroad, 'The Blend' is testament to the growing popularity of the acappella genre in Pilipino music. The Akafellas, together with fellow acappella groups The Bystanders and Kilyawan, have been busy touring the metro promoting 'The Blend' and bringing their unique sound to schools and malls. Together with radio airplay for 'The Blend', the Akafellas also released their follow-up video "Kaleidoscope World" in June 2006. Breathing new life to the Francis M. hit, the Akafellas partnered with local indie outfit Isaw Productions to create a new visual take on the original. Now enjoying frequent exposure on local music channels, "Kaleidoscope World" signals the return of the Akafellas as THE premier popcappella group of the country. One asks, "What's next for the country's hippest and most exciting acappella group?" The Akafellas want to continue innovating original Pinoy acappella and showcasing their own original compositions. Currently in the process of developing a full-acappella album, the group is dead-set on pushing the envelope even further musically and creatively. Whatever the future may hold, the Akafellas continue to put their own unique stamp on Pinoy music with their brand of 'popcappella' and are loving every moment of it.


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