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School or Affiliation: Anderson High School
Cincinnati, OH

AHS A Cappella

After hearing the best of the best singers that Anderson had to offer singing in the musical during his first year of teaching, Mr. Nims approached Emily Greer and Kelly Holterhoff with the idea of forming a chamber choir the following year to provide an opportunity for students to perform music beyond that which could be done in one of the curricular choruses. When the next year began, he encouraged them to work together to pick members that would not only sing beautifully, but who would bring the "right" attitude to the group. They agreed upon 12 singers and the group (originally named "The Twelve Tones") was begun. Because Mr. Nims was busy with the start of the school year, the group rehearsed themselves one day per week and he rehearsed them for the other. After the holiday concert that year, he began working with them for all of the rehearsals. Over time, the group grew from twelve to seventeen voices, and quickly became noticed as the premier choir of the high school.


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