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From Age To Age is a new choral ensemble, started in January of 2007 under the direction of Andrew J. Miller. It is comprised of highly skilled singers from all over the state of Minnesota, and of many different ages and backrounds. Dedicated to the prestigious art and the immense power of choral music, From Age To Age seeks to help sustain the world with song, by raising funds for regional, national, and global projects. Global causes we are currently helping support are: "The One Acre Fund" (www.oneacrefund.org) which offers training and materials for families in Africa so that they are able to *sustain* a living through agriculture. And "The Central Asia Institute," (www.ikat.org) which works to build schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan, in the hope that by providing them with a nurturing, rounded education, they may veer away from cyclic detriments to themselves and their countries, such as military schools and terrorist groups. To put it simply, From Age To Age strives to change the world one concert at a time.


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