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The Adelettes Chorus is a 25 member Girls Barbershop Chorus, under the direction of Natalie Berdahl, in Bozeman Montana! We are ages 7-17 and are Montana's first YWIH chorus! We were formed in July 2005 when Natalie became the Sweet Adeline's Region 24 YWIH coordinator. To learn more about the YWIH program, she decided to form her own YWIH chorus to find out what it's REALLY all about! Her goals for this chorus are to introduce young women to barbershop singing, train them to hear harmony, make friends within the chorus and teach them how to perform with confidence. About our director Natalie, she is a wonderful director and we love how she makes everyone feel important! We love how she keeps rehearsals fun and exciting, and we never know what our crazy director is going to do next! Whether it's doing a kart wheel across the room or biting a chunk out of her music!


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