School or Affiliation: Boston College


Since the group's inception in 1993, the Boston College Acoustics have performed their way into the hearts of many a listener with their uplifting, humorous, and theatrical brand of a cappella. The co-ed group has been blessed by the contributions of more than 60 members...a number which continues to grow each semester. They are bound by a dedication to share a part of their lives through a musical experience that both the members and their fans will tell you is one of a kind. The "stix" pride themselves on the diversity of their repertoire. Wailing away on 70s rock, 80s pop, and 90s miscellany, the group has arranged the works of Reel Big Fish, Lauryn Hill, Madonna, U2, and Janis Joplin, among others. The Acoustics have released a total of five albums. The most recent one, titled "Vintage Denim ", was released in the Spring of 2003. The stix are currently recording for the next album "Fake Instruments" to debut in the summer of 2005. Outside the studio, the Acoustics have made appearances at a variety of venues across the country. Their resume includes gigs at the National Cathedral, Miami, benefit concerts in San Diego and throughout the east coast, televised broadcasts on CBS and NBC, the set of Jeopardy!... just to name a few. In addition to appearing on BOCA, they have also sung the National Anthem for the Utah Jazz, the Boston Red Sox (opening day), and the Boston College basketball program.


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