School or Affiliation: California State Pomona
Pomona, MI


The Accafellas began as an experiment for Bryan's senior recital in 1999. With 9 originating members, it was soon discovered that there were too many flavors to control in order for the group to stay cohesive and was reduced to 5 members after the successful recital. In 2000, the new and improved Accafellas were born and made their debut singing the National Anthem at Cal Poly Pomona's CLASS graduation ceremony. In 2003, the Accafellas had their first concert with the awesome Lotus Band from the West Covina Buddhist Church opening for them. In 2004, the Accafellas retired due to the pressures of life, however, they continue to sing together whenever they get a chance. Currently, the Accafellas roster looks something like this: Jared "J" Yoshiki (High Tenor/Lead): Graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, Jared currently resides in Northern California working for the state. Bryan Dowdle (2nd Tenor): Graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, Bryan currently resides in Southern California. He is currently interested in starting local youth music programs. Kay Sakaue (Baritone): Graduate of the University of Phoenix, Kay currently resides in Southern California working for a local payroll and tax processing company. Desmond Chung (2nd Baritone/Vocal Percussion) Graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, Des currently resides in Southern California working for a local Civil Engineering company. Justin Gries (Bass): Former US Marine and Harvey Mudd student, Justin finds time in his busy school schedule to periodically practice with the group.


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