School or Affiliation: California State Northridge
Northridge, CA


"ACASOLA" California State University Northridge’s FIRST a cappella group was created in September 2006 and has been growing steadily ever since. The members have been working ever-so-hard to get Acasola out into the public eye, through weekly concerts for all their SOLmates and establishing themselves as a part of the SoCal a’cappella community. In 2008 the group proudly moved into the "Acasola House," one of the few official collegiate a cappella houses in the United States. Acasola competes reguarly in the ICCAs, earning 2nd Runner Up in the 2008 SemiFinals.

One could compare Acasola to a little Yorkshire terrier: feisty, cuddly, but won’t shut up, no matter how many times you hit them with a newspaper. Acasola membership is surprisingly diverse, with only a few music or music-industry majors. Their repertoire is equally diverse, spanning pop, hip hop, alternative, showtunes and hopefully some new styles never done before.


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