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In March of 1982, Keith Lancaster — song writer, producer and original lead singer — wanted to form a quartet of men with a mission to communicate Gospel truths through music. Four months later, concert-goers in Hamilton, Ohio, were the first to be amazed by what they heard. The group was called His Image Quartet for a brief period before embracing the name Acappella. Thirty years and as many vocalists later, this singing ministry is stronger than ever. Acappella celebrated 30 years in 2012. Originally based out of Paris, Tenn., and now residing in Rogers, Ark., Acappella Ministries uses music to bring the message of God’s love to audiences across the country and around the world. But this is not just any kind of music; this is Acappella music. Far from being a group “without music” as it is sometimes described, Acappella is based solely upon the greatest instrument of music ever created — the human voice. Believing in the awesome versatility and flexibility of the human voice, Acappella can fill a large concert hall with beautiful, intricate music without ever plucking a string or beating a drum. Acappella's grass roots fan base steadily grew through the 1980's as the group experienced many line-up changes and constantly experimented with fresh new sounds. The landmark album, Sweet Fellowship (1988), ushered in one of the most significant developments in the group's membership and style. Lancaster stepped out of the group as lead singer to focus on the role of producer and manager. The group continued to change after that, developing a unique sound that has been mimicked by countless small groups around the country, from high-school stairwells to large church auditoriums. Signed to Word Records in 1990 (and later to Epic Records), the popularity of the group soared with releases such as Rescue, We Have Seen His Glory and Set Me Free. Media exposure included many television appearances, while the song "More Precious Than Gold" became the centerpiece of a Sony Camcorder television commercial and was broadcast extensively nationwide. Hymns For All The World helped to increase the group's exposure internationally as overseas touring became much more extensive in the 1990s. The universal reception of this heavenly sound is now popular from Brazil to Japan to Switzerland to Australia. Recently the group has again traveled to Brazil and plans for more international concerts. After further exploration of various musical styles, Acappella has returned to its roots with the sound that started it all, strengthened by the addition of a fifth vocalist. Now, with more energy than ever in the group's 30-year history, the zeal and enthusiasm of Acappella's live concerts radiate with songs off the latest album, Find Your Way, a fitting follow-up to 2007 Casa Award winning - Best Religious Album, Radiance. Five talented young men continue the work of Acappella Ministries today. Following in the footsteps of talented predecessors, Zac George, Malcolm Himes, Anthony Lancaster, Wes McKinzie and Raymond Mobley blend in perfect harmony as each individual brings a unique talent to the sum that is Acappella.




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