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The Acafellas

We originated in a school called Coral Reef Sr. High. We knew each other going on 2 years before we started the group when one day KC says lets start a barbershop quartet. So our original members were KC, Mike, Nick, and someone named Luke who was later kicked out because there was no commitment. Yet we came to an abrupt hault when the first number we ever learned(For the Longest time, Billy Joel) was in 5 parts. THis is were we picked up Joey. After the year was comming to a close and we performed at the talent show, we decided that enough was enough and decided to kick luke out. We then picked up Jeremy who started singing tenor 1 and is now dropping to a baritone. We're now learning more music at a rapid pace and our audience and fans grows with each show we've done. Though we've only done 2 shows, sorta 3, everyone seems to enjoy our music style and blended harmonies. We will continue no matter how much Michael becomes a stubborn asshole, and KC need for a spotlight, and Jeremy's quiet voice, and how much Nick scoops, and how much Joey never practices. Together we Blend as one.


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