School or Affiliation: Florida State
Tallahasee, FL


The AcaBelles are Florida State's premier all-female a cappella group. Established in 2000, we sing all kinds of music ranging from Billy Joel to Metallica to Britney Spears. We perform on campus several times a semester, at local gigs, and we compete once a year.The AcaBelles are Florida State University's premier all-female a cappella group established in 2000 by a girl with a dream! We sing all kinds of music ranging from 80's style such as Bon Jovi to the new European sounds of Imogen Heap to the folk rock songs of KT Tunstall. Performing on-campus several times a semester, at local gigs, and competing once a year in ICCA continues to be the most important way to promote our name and entertain thousands. The AcaBelles sing frequently at various on-campus causes and meetings like AIDS awareness and Women's Rights candlelight vigils. On a broader scale, we have supported and performed at an annual concert called Random Acts of A Cappella where the proceeds have gone to national outreach funds like Hurricane Katrina and Invisible Children. Traveling as far as Washington DC, the FSU AcaBelles continue to spread the incredible sounds of all-female a cappella and represent FSU in high regard.


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