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Absolutely Nobody was formed in 1997, when four guys in college wanted to have some fun. They were all in Choir and very interested in putting on shows of all types. Their practice schedule consisted of getting to practice (6pm), eating some pizza (7pm), talking about their interesting days (7:15pm), listening to a million songs (11pm), going to the gym and playing basketball (1am), and then going over their songs (3am). It wasn't a very easy schedule, but the made due with whatever time was left over. Absolutely Nobody performed all over the Northwest, including California and Hawaii. They were always up for a new song to try out. They tried to make any song possible in any genre(rap, disco, barbershop, doo-wop, pop, r&b, country, comedy and so on. Artists like Weird Al, Beatles, Bob Rivers, etc. Absolutely Nobody wants to give out a huge thanks to all it's fans and support through the years they were together.


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