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School or Affiliation: University of North Dakota
Memorial UnionP.O. Box 8385
Grand Forks, ND

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is the first fully contemporary a cappella music group at the University of North Dakota. Absolute Zero is the first solely a cappella group at the University of North Dakota. It was founded and directed in the Fall of 2001 by aviation student, Brian Balloon, for the purpose of creating a prestigious contemporary a cappella group on the University of North Dakota campus that would allow students to arrange, compose and perform a modern repertoire of music. Allen Little later took the position of assistant director for the group. Absolute Zero began as a male quintet of students that decided to get together and rehearse popular contemporary music for performing on campus. Absolute Zero became a co-ed a cappella group beginning in the spring semester of 2002. [May be defunct; web site is 5 years old and the contact email bounced, and searching the school web site shows nothing]


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