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School or Affiliation: Cornell
Ithaca, NY

Absolute A Cappella

Absolute's repertoire crosses genres and generations, and is ever-changing according to the shifting tastes of the group. We've performed pop, rock, alternative, musicals, 80's, and more.In the Spring of 2001, a handful of fervent crooners banded together under the working title "Absolute A Cappella." With nary a stage to call home, and a dedicated fanbase of one (the Mary Donlon cat), the dedicated young group rehearsed piano-side late into the night in the Mary Donlon lounge. By semester two, the group had more than doubled in size and was already prepping what would become their famed annual stage show: the spirited On The Rocks. Now in its fourth incarnation, the show has been an immense success, allowing the group to take their act on the road.


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