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Abráce sweeps you away on an engaging and personable jaunt with harmonies & rhythms from around the globe.

Samia Panni and Joyce Yarrow learned firsthand how music builds understanding between people of different world views. Joining forces with Rosemary Bell, they formed Abráce - a vocals/percussion group that embraces music from all around the world. When percussionist Denny Stern and vocalist Rebeqa Rivers joined Abráce in 2006 the group's sound evolved into it's current full and lively presence.

Abráce is honored to have performed at Jai Thai Lounge , Caffe Bella, The Bellevue Art Museum and in the Beyond Borders Music and Arts Festival, as well as in both the Othello Park Concert Series, and La Familia Gallery's winter artist series.

Abráce sings in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swahili, Xhosa, Bulgarian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Lucumí (archaic Yoruba), Ladino, and nonsense syllables. Ranging from 15th Century to contemporary material, Abráce's repertoire showcases traditional folk material, original compositions and improvisations.

As the rhythms change and the languages shift, the theme stays the same: building inter-cultural understanding through music.

What people are saying about Abráce

"Abráce's contagious energy and musical mastery defined the evening. The audience quickly evolved from toe-tapping into full-fledged dancing, with chairs being pushed aside to make a dance floor. Flowing from continent to continent, through multiple languages Abráce took us to the far reaches of our imaginations and back again."

Lanae Woods - Owner, La Familia Gallery

"Thanks again for helping make the Beyond the Borders event a great success. Your music was a perfect fit, and a perfect ending to a wonderful day of music...all peaks, no valleys."

Mark Runion – Organizer, Beyond Borders World Music Festival


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