Bar-Le-Duc, Lorraine,


Welcome to the magical world of à4, an Acappella quartet of men drawn from different cultures and musical inspirations, brought together through their unique, 100 % vocal interpretation of gospel music. Mix of genres, musical styles and voices, à4 invites you on a journey through the world of soul, Rythm & Blues and jazz. The group's repertoire is an inspirational mix of original compositions and traditional gospel arranged for Acappella music. Whatever the vocal demands of these works, the skill and ease with which à4 perform will awe, amaze and charm. The resonance of their voices brigs life to a sparkling selection of gospel songs. The stellar talents of Keith Lancaster, Gary Miller and George Pendergrass are amongst those artists whose songs are interpreted by the group. à4 was formed twelve years ago and performs all over France, the United States and Europe. The have appeared alongside some of the biggest names in the music world : Liz Mc Comb, the american group Acappella, Marcel Boungou... Last Summer, they caught the attention of international jazz artist Danny Ray Thompson, who invited them to New-York. Pure but never predictable, Their songs will leave you speechless !


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