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As a 501(c)3 organization, CASA is pleased to offer services and programs to serve the a cappella community. We strive to focus on three main goals:

  • To recognize excellence in a cappella through our awards programs
  • To build connectedness and provide support in the a cappella community through our festivals
  • To be a resource for information, education, and history in all things a cappella

Interested in supporting CASA’s mission? Want to get involved?

We are always looking for more hands and skill sets. Browse the open positions below. Don't see something that sounds just like you? We still want to talk to you! Contact Gina Deaton, Director of Human Resources, at gina@casa.org.

Open Positions:

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President in providing oversight and direction for CASA as an organization. Should the President become unable to serve in some capacity, the Vice President would fill the President’s duties. This role involves overseeing the Board of Directors in planning and executing tasks that further CASA’s three main goals: recognizing excellence, building community, and providing resources. The Vice President also assists the Treasurer in maintaining CASA’s nonprofit status, is a point person for any legal matters, and supports the Director of Human Resources with personnel management.

The Vice President is expected to participate in the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, leading the meeting if the President is unable to do so. In addition, the Vice President is responsible to follow up with members of the board regarding completion of items discussed in the meetings. The Vice President would be available for consultation by members of the Board should a need arise between meetings.

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As a voting member of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer is responsible for overseeing and managing the financial resources of CASA. The Treasurer facilitates the approval of the organization’s annual and long-range budget, is responsible for filing the organization’s taxes, and works with the board to monitor compliance with any government regulations pertaining to non-profit/tax-exempt organizations. Experience with bookkeeping, accounting, and/or non-profit organization status a plus.

The Treasurer is expected to participate in monthly meetings of the Board of Directors. In addition, this volunteer role involves bookkeeping as needed, accounting, writing and balancing of budgets, IRS paperwork, and working closely with the festivals team to make sure bills are being paid and ticket sales and sponsorships are facilitated. As Treasurer, you are on call to facilitate payments to vendors or reimbursements to CASA staff and volunteers throughout the year. The expectation is that these things will be completed in a timely fashion throughout the year.

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The Secretary is responsible for administrative management surrounding our monthly board meetings and corporate documents. Each month, tasks would include scheduling the board meeting, creating an agenda, managing the voting process, taking detailed notes on the meeting, and sending summaries out to board members and program managers. In addition, the Secretary would be responsible for managing and updating our corporate documents as needed.

This role requires an inherent level of planning and organization, as well as the ability to take detailed notes while being an important participant in the board discussions. It is expected that the tasks surrounding the monthly meetings (scheduling, creating the agenda, and distributing notes) would happen in a timely manner each month.

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Director of Development

The Director of Development is responsible for overseeing CASA’s memberships, sponsorships, grant-writing, and donations for the organization. This includes building creative incentives and ensuring they are delivered accordingly. The Director of Development oversees the Development Team, bringing on new individuals as needed and providing guidance and accountability. This role includes compensation based on commission. Experience with grant-writing, fundraising, and/or development a plus.

As a voting member of the Board of Directors, the Director of Development is expected to participate in monthly board meetings. This role will involve building and directing programs to encourage individuals and organizations to become members, sponsor events, and/or donate to CASA. Communications to existing members are coordinated with the Director of Communication. In addition, the Director of Development will coordinate with the Treasurer to ensure incoming funds are processed correctly. The expectation is that these things will be completed in a timely fashion throughout the year.

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Director of Events

The Director of Events provides oversight and direction for CASA’s annual festivals. This role includes management of the Assistant Director of Events, the Events Core Team, and Executive Producers of each local festival team. As a member of CASA’s Board of Directors, the Director of Events provides regular updates on the overall status of the events during monthly board meetings. This position is compensated on a commission basis.

The Director of Events is expected to participate in the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, providing updates on the events, expenditures, and new initiatives. This role involves finalizing the budget for the events as well as overseeing their successful execution throughout the year. Contractual obligations with performers or venues for events are finalized and approved by the Director of Events. Since each event team depends on the Director of Events for oversight and approval, timely response to communication is expected. The Director of Events is expected to attend all CASA festivals.

The ideal candidate for this position would have experience in event planning, personnel management, budgeting, and writing/negotiating talent contracts. In addition, problem solving skills, discernment in delegating tasks, and the ability to work well with all types of personalities are helpful qualities.

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Sponsorship Program Manager

CASA is seeking a Sponsorship Program Manager to join our team. The Sponsorship Program Manager is in charge of overseeing the overall CASA sponsorship program. Ideal candidate will have prior experience in soliciting sponsorships or sales and must possess strong relationship building, communication and organizational skills. This Sponsorship Program Manager reports to the Development Director. Potential for an incentive-based stipend.

Main Duties:

  • Solicit corporate sponsorships for CASA
  • Work with Development Director to establish sponsorship rates
  • Create outreach materials for prospective corporate sponsors
  • Work with festival staff to solicit corporate and in-kind sponsorships for CASA festivals
  • Maintain organized database of sponsors/outreach efforts
  • Ensure benefit fulfillment for all sponsors

To Apply: Please send a letter of interest to gina@casa.org. Resumes welcome.

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A Cappella Community Awards Administrative Manager

CASA is seeking to relaunch the A Cappella Community Awards and is seeking a volunteer to manage the program. Ideal candidates will have good communication skills, be very responsive, professional and self-motivated. Each of the awards team positions are volunteer positions.

  • Determine timeline (with deadlines) of the upcoming awards season
  • Set up nomination/voting forms and publish to the CASA community
  • Coordinate with CASA communications team to promote
  • Review nominations with awards committee to determine nominee list
  • Review votes with awards committee to break any ties and determine winner list
  • Coordinate with CASA communications team to announce nominees/winners
  • Sit on awards committee

To Apply: Please send a letter of interest to awards@casa.org. Resumes welcome.

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Events are always in need of volunteers and we'd love to have you involved. Fill out our CASA Event Volunteer Interest Form and we'll reach out!