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This post was inspired by an interview I did with Kasper Ramström, singer and beatboxer with Finnish cult group FORK. To the annoyance of the German restaurant owner we ordered two glasses of Italian Primitivo (no pun intended here) red wine, sat down and intensely discussed a topic that Kasper, a former Helsinki police officer, made his latest object of research and scientific observation: (Stereo-)typical a cappella characters.

There’s a video of our conversation (posted below), too, but here at CASA you can find the dramatis personae in a vocal music nutshell. Personalities that - according to Prof./Officer Ramström - can be found on any a cappella stage worldwide:

The Engineer -

The most obvious type. Usually one of the male singers. He's never the bass singer. He's not the best looking in the group and has a unnatural way of moving on stage. He's trying a little bit too much. Makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable. Very often they seem to be a little bit too happy.

The Bald Guy -

Usually the bass singer. No idea why that is so. And he's tall and skinny.

There are actually bass singers who are not bald. But usually they are, e.g. Rajaton and Jussi...one more weird thing about this type is, when you see them sitting backstage, they have this very upright posture...weird s**t.

The Slightly Uglier Female Singer -

She usually is the better singer. Ramström: “We don't have that type in our group.”

The Pretty Singer -

Doesn't sing as well as the Slightly Uglier Female Singer. Ramström: "You know, there are different reasons for taking someone into the group..."

The Mother Figure -

Taking care of the band. On stage, backstage, on tour. They are never the business manager, though. They manage things like empathy, etc. When it comes to the stage outfit, they wear the longer skirt. If they wear pants, they always squeeze themselves into these black, tight ones.

You can watch the full video on Vocal Blog, featuring some live and behind-the-scenes footage from FORK on tour. Being on tour himself, Kasper had to leave the interview much too early, so we weren't able to go into detail about all the other fascinating a cappella characters.

So we do hope you can help me out, sending your short description of your favorite a cappella characters via the comment section of this blog or directly to florian@acappellazone.com. How about The Preacher, The Supernerd, The Techie, The Supersonic Soprano etc.? Bring it on, we want to hear the truth and only the truth about vocal music personalities!

Can't wait to put all your ideas into the next CASA "A Cappella Diversity" article, keep singing and not taking yourselves too seriously.

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