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What was the first a cappella recording you owned? Do you remember how you listened to it over and over, soaking in the harmonies, singing along with the melody, and trying to pick out and learn the other voices? And do you remember how you craved to hear more? What if you had never heard that recording? Many singers aren't exposed to a cappella music during these teenage years, when their musicianship is developing and their abilities are becoming impressive. Tunes To Teens brings that spark to them, beginning a life-long love of a cappella music.

Donated CDs come from anyone and anywhere-- from organizations who have extra CDs they would like to contribute, to groups who would like their CDs heard by young singers, to fans who have CDs they'd like to pass along, to benefactors who want to invest in the future of a cappella music. Donors can also write off the donation as a tax deduction, under CASA's non-profit status.

We're counting on your support to help us make an impact on the next generation of singers.

If you would like information on how to donate CDs to Tunes To Teens, please email Chris Tess at tunestoteens@casa.org

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