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No Strings Attached, a new organization at the University that will be holding their breakout concert Monday is true to their name – there are no instrumentalists involved in the a capella group.

Originally, No Strings Attached was billed as an all-male group, called “Subject To Change,” but then decided to open the group to female vocalists.

Aaron Shaw, a senior majoring in biology and psychology and president of No Strings Attached, said the addition of female singers benefited the a cappella group.

“Because of the hurricane, Get On Board Day and auditions were delayed, and we didn’t quite get the turn out we wanted to,” Shaw said. “The music director at the time had the idea that we should add women to the group, and I thought it was a great idea, and then we became No Strings Attached.”

Subject To Change decided to change their name to No Strings Attached as a play on words, signifying that the group no longer has any limitations on who is allowed to join, as well as referencing the absence of any instrumental accompaniment in their performances.

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