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By Michael Neary michael.neary@capjournal.com | 0 comments

When the River Harmony Women’s Barbershop Chorus sings the 1950s Mickey Mouse Club March, the childlike melody takes on a grown-up grace, as the chorus’s four-part harmony slows and elevates the song.

The chorus meets at 5:15 p.m. on Thursdays in the First United Methodist Church Choir Rehearsal room. Members sing a range of songs, including patriotic and religious pieces, as well as old-time favorites. Their voices also trail down the paths of nursery rhymes, injecting jingles such as Little Jack Horner with a cappella splendor.

Lynn Fredericksen said the a cappella style demands vocal discipline. The voices, after all, must carry the song without the cushion of a musical instrument.

“The sound has to be exact,” she said. “There’s no room for error.”

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