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June 16 in Weston, MA: I had flown a red-eye the night before, and then spend a nice day of workshops with the singers of the Weston Town Criers. I was there to sing for ACAPOCALYPSE, WTC's fantastic multi-group festival happening that night. Duwende, Overboard, Five o'Clock Shadow, and the Town Criers, with me getting to show off my new solo looping set. Perfect, right?

Around 5:00 in the afternoon I'm starting to feel the fatigue. After only a few hours of airplane sleep the night before, I was wasted. Needed a nap.

So I say to Josh Chopak of the Weston Town Criers, I'm going to take a quick nap in this dark room here. I'll be awake well before the show starts, but come check on me just in case. Cool? Cool.

I set two alarms. I take off my shoes. I sleep.

The next thing I know I'm screaming. Josh Chopak of the Weston Town Criers is standing in the doorway yelling at me. I'm in the fetal position.

"You're on" says he.

"Drrr buh dubu bu bu bu bu bu moooooaaaaan" says I.

"You're on RIGHT NOW" says he. "I forgot to check on you. We just finished our set, the other guy is stalling, you are supposed to be on stage RIGHT NOW."

I put on shoes, a shirt (I think?) and stumble down the hall, on to the stage, and sing my set.

Very otherworldly. I'm not sure if I'm still dreaming or if this is real. Many of my songs are kind of weird, anyway, so I'm in a crazy, funky way.

I guess I finish, and exit the stage, and then I enjoy the rest of the concert.

I didn't even have time to comb my hair.

After the show, eating at a local pizza joint, Josh Chopak of the Weston Town Criers asks me:

"Why did you scream at me?"

Someday, perhaps when you're older, you'll understand.


love the backstory!

what happened to the two alarms??

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I was absolutely terrified.

I was absolutely terrified. Certainly a memorable moment, to say the least. The weird thing is no one really asked why he was late to come on stage...it was like it never happened.

I couldn't have told it better myself.


Josh, did it actually happen?

Josh, did it actually happen?  I'm still fuzzy on that.

Amy, both alarms went off, just didn't wake me up.  Thus, realizing two of my greatest fears: 1) sleeping through something terribly important, and 2) waking up in a high school.

I approve this message

Mommas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Full-time A cappella Musicians Trying to Support a Family.

Tim...seriously.  Get some sleep.  :)

Oh IT HAPPENED alright. Ben

Oh IT HAPPENED alright. Ben and I (who were emceeing the show) introduced Tim on stage right after the TC set, and alas, no one came on stage. That's when it dawned on me what was going on. I sprinted to the practice room where he was, barged in and said TIM TIM YOU'RE ON NOW. Tim screamed. I screamed. I had no idea what to do. Tim was horrified and lost. Once he sort of realized what was going on, he got up, and slowly (very, very slowly) changed his shirt and shoes and strolled over to the stage and went on. Those of us backstage realized that he was a little out of it, but most people in the audience had no idea.

What an experience to say the least.




Mr Tim... what a horrific/hilarious (horrifilarious?) experience! I think us performers have all had nightmares that sounded pretty much exactly like this. 

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