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We get this question of what’s trending in publications fairly often. “What is everyone else singing?” “What do you recommend?” or “Is Mary Lou still #1?” (Spoiler alert: It’s in the top 20, but not #1 at the moment.)

Here’s what everyone else is buying right now:

1. Rhythm Of Love

2. Armed Forces Medley

3. Happy

4. I’m Yours

5. Daydream

6. When I’m Sixty-Four

7. Under The Boardwalk

8. Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby / We All Fall

9. Drivin’ Me Crazy

10. What’ll I Do?

Hmm — we have contemporary barber-pop, Great American Songbook, patriotic favorites, recent barbershop original compositions, Sixties soul and pop, Beatles, doo-wop, and the national anthem of  barbershop.

Now, what was that about Barbershop songs all sounding the same?