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Those who have seen the recent blockbuster “Pitch Perfect” know that a cappella—solo or group singing without instrumental accompaniment—is “aca-awesome.” Wellesley College is home to five very different yet entertaining a cappella groups: the Blue Notes, the Tupelos, the Widows, the MIT/Wellesley Toons and Awaken the Dawn.

Blue Notes:

Founded in 1954, the Blue Notes have traditionally performed more jazz and blues songs than Wellesley’s other a cappella ensembles, but their repertoire has grown to include many current hits. Rocking its signature color, Blue Note blue, the group likes to mix up its numbers with some original choreography.

President Vicky Hetz ’13 exclaimed, “Never have I known a more talented, welcoming and frankly idiosyncratic group of people!” She observed, “On a superficial level, we may seem very different, but when we all come together to sing, I realize how well we complement each other.”

Though the members are split on the NSYNC versus Backstreet Boys debate, they have come together to create their CD “Ear Candy,” which includes songs such as “Feeling Good” and “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

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