HomeWalpole chanteuse stars in new Dunkin’ Donuts ad

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Dunkin’ Donuts, a Canton-based coffee-and-baked-goods chain looking to take advantage of social media marketing, said an a-cappella chanteuse named Meg Anchukaitis is the star of a TV ad that debuted earlier this week.

According to the chain, these are its first ads to air that feature “real fans” and created directly from social media.

Anchukaitis of Walpole tweeted out this message @DunkinDonuts, “Every acappella rehearsal needs a dd iced coffee to get me through #mydunkin.”

Dunkin’ Donuts said it sorted through “tens of thousands of posts to Facebook and Twitter to select the first fans to appear in six new television commercials that are based directly on their original social content.” Anchukaitis was among those chosen.

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