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San Francisco, California - December 12, 2013 - Fans of a cappella music rejoice — today Loudr presents the Vocal Bundle: a comprehensive collection of 200 songs from stellar a cappella artists, bundled into a single music collection that can be purchased for $1+.

The Vocal Bundle features music from quirky standout artists that have made a name for themselves on YouTube and beyond, from swashbuckling, costume-wearing YouTube stars Peter Hollens & Scott Hoying (from Pentatonix) to cat-loving bearded video game music phenom Smooth McGroove to high school superstars Vocal Rush. The bundle is available until December 23, 2013 and starts at a price point of $1.

Like other Loudr bundles, the pay-what-you-want Vocal Bundle offers an easy way for casual music fans to explore a new genre of music, and a cost-effective means for hardcore music fans to pick up many albums at once while supporting artists. For the debut a cappella bundle, Loudr has teamed up with supportacappella.org, donating 1/3 of net earnings to further their a cappella education initiatives across the nation.

The Vocal Bundle, which unlocks five tracks for just $1, over 50 tracks for $10, and over 200 tracks at $50, can be purchased securely with Paypal, Amazon or credit card, with no account creation necessary for purchase. All audio files are available not only in DRM-free MP3 format, but also in lush, lossless audio (FLAC and Apple) for the ultimate music connoisseur, and can be downloaded to any device or synced to Dropbox. Top contributors at the end of the promotion will also receive Support A Cappella t-shirts, signed photos of the AcaBelles and Element, and the top bundle supporter will be serenaded live over Google Hangout by Peter Hollens.

The Details

What: Vocal Bundle, an amazing collection of a cappella music

When: Dec. 12-23, 2013


Who: Peter Hollens, Scott Hoying (Pentatonix), Mike Tompkins, Smooth McGroove, Element, Street Corner Symphony, SONOS, The AcaBelles, The Tufts Beelzebubs, The Whiffenpoofs, On The Rocks, The House Jacks, BYU Noteworthy, the Yellow Jackets and many more.

Why: While the world is paying more attention to a cappella music, we're providing them with an easy way to sample and support some of the best.

An a cappella bundle of epic proportions featuring Peter Hollens & Vocal Rush