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They come in peace. And they definitely know how to handle harmony. But, as beautiful and inventive as their a cappella creations can be, it doesn't take long before the visiting octet from Planet Voca starts to outstay its welcome.

That would be the national touring company of the novelty musical "Voca People," which opened Tuesday for a two-week run at Marines Memorial Theatre. The little show that grew from a video that went viral certainly has its fans. This is one of its four companies, including those in Paris and New York and an international tour - and some opening-night attendees were still cheering wildly at the end.

But the concept that worked so well for a three-minute video gets stretched pretty thin before the midpoint of an 85-minute show. Created by Israeli actor-writer Lior Kalfo - who wrote, directed and choreographed it - and composer, arranger and musical director Shai Fishman, "Voca" is an octet of white-faced-and-pated, ruby-lipped aliens in all-white suits singing mostly clever medleys of popular music.

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