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Professional Groups

Almost Recess from DC has a promo video to introduce you to the group

Basix has a promo video and a video of Sommersang.

Boyz Nite Out has a promo video (Quicktime, 14.6 MB).

BR6 has a short documentary and a music video of "Girl from Ipanema".

Cadence has a live concert clip of an intermission song on the right side of the page under "Other Goodies".

Chapter 6 has video clips on their web page. Just roll over "For Fans" and click on "Videos". Shibboleth Pictures also has a clip of their version of "What a Wonderful World".

Charming Hostess sings at the Oakland store Change Makers.

Chicago A Cappella has a promotional video (RealPlayer, 3:32) and a music video (RealPlayer, 3:40) of Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor". (If it gives you a page of code, download the link as a file and open it with RealPlayer.) .

The Coats have a video promo (in Windows Media Player / Quicktime, 10.8 MB).

Coco's Lunch has a number of videos on their website.

Dalcantro has a few video clips.

Duwende sang in a 1-800-OK-CABLE commercial (Quicktime, mp4 or mov), which began airing January 2005.
Here's a live clip of "Free Your Mind".

Eclipse has a promo video and videos of them at the 2002 Olympics and in concert.

The Essentials sing in the CBS movie "A Holiday Romance", starring Naomi Judd, Andy Griffith and Gerald McRaney. High speed / Dial-up (Windows Media Player). They also have a promo video. High speed / Dial-up

The Euphorics sing their pitch for you in their promo video (Quicktime, 1.5 MB).


Firedrill! sings "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" at Remington's in downtown Boston on 2/3/07, and sings "If I Ain't Got You" at the 2007 Boston Harmony Sweepstakes.

Five O'Clock Shadow has video clips of them on VH1, on Monday Night Football, and at an NBA playoff.

Four Shadow performed on NBC's "Today" show (Quicktime, 6.9 MB) in 2000.

Fourth Avenue has a promo video.

The Gas House Gang has a few video clips.

Gospeller sings in this video.

The Groove Barbers perform as The Astelins in a commercial for Astelin nasal spray.

The Heebee-Jeebees sing at a Calgary Flames rally.

The House Jacks sing "What's For Real" (Quicktime, 5.3 MB) off-mike at a workshop at SoJam 2004.

Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town sing on Noggin, a children's show.

Justin Guarini sings "Sing" to the Georgia State Assembly.

The Kinsey Sicks have several video clips.

The Magnets have a few video clips and sing "This Love" and "Crazy Love" on GMTV.

Montezuma's Revenge have a video promo - large / small (FLV Player (flash)).

Moosebutter has a promo video.

Naturally 7 has a video of their live performance of "Another You" in Berlin in 2003, optimized for modem, ISDN, and DSL (Windows Media Player). They also sang on a Paris subway "In the Air Tonight".


The Nylons' music video of "Good Enough" (large 11.5 MB / small 6 MB; Quicktime) and their live performance on the Mike Bullard show (large 10.7 MB / small 5.6 MB; Quicktime). They also sing "One Fine Day" playing janitors.

Rag Fair sings at Disney, and in a hotel.

The Real Group sings "We're Five", "Walking Down the Street", "Telephone Talking", and joins ABBA's Frida on "Dancing Queen".
"Substitute For Life" (1999) is a video in soap-opera style.
Here's a video diary of their 2001 trip to Taiwan, including "Commonly Unique".
"Lift Me Up" at Dalhalla (2001).
A medley of Swedish Christmas songs performed at Rondo, Gothenburg, Sweden (2001?).
A video diary of their 2002 trip to Korea, including meeting the composer of a song they sang in a Korean movie, and singing it with Korean singer Lee-Moon Se.

Return 2 Zero has a video sample of their live show in the Gallery section.

Riltons Vanner has a video of "O Boy".

Rock4 has a couple of video clips; just point to Media, then Videos, then Killer Queen or Paranoid Android.

Rockapella sings "Dance With Me" and another song.

Ron Feingold, an a cappella comedian, has a video promo.

Similar Jones has a clip of "Flesh and Blood" in the lower left corner of their main page.

Skritch has several live video clips on their website.

The SoCal VoCals, whose alums competed on The Sing-Off as the SoCals

Take 6 is featured on a half hour spotlight interview with lots of live singing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. They were also on an episode of Praise the Lord - 56k, 100k, 300k.
Here are videos of them singing "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Spread Love", and a live clip of "David and Goliath".
Here's Take 6 and Nneenna Freelon singing "Straighten Up and Fly Right" at the Grammies.

Three Men and a Tenor have a promo video from their PBS special. Just click on The Fun Zone, then click on the clip in the lower right corner.

Toxic Audio played a free concert at the gates of Central Park to kick off Citibank's Thank's-A-Million Sweepstakes. They also have a promo, a video from the Drama Desk Awards, and another promo for the Luxor in Las Vegas.

TVXQ (aka DBSK) has a video of "My Little Princess".

VeryEight has a montage from their Christmas DVD.

Vocal Six has a live compilation video.

VoCollision sings "Go Down Moses" and "Sukiyaki".

Voice Trek has a couple of promo videos.

Westlife has clips of them singing a cappella.

Collegiate Groups

The Academical Village People (AVP) from U of Virginia have clips of In Da Pub (music video parody of In Da Club) and Making Plaid (making of their 2003 album) on their media page.

Acquire A Cappella from UC Santa Cruz cover's the Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat".

Against the Current from Boston College sings "This is Your Life".

The California Golden Overtones sing "The House That Jack Built" at the UC Men's Octet Spring Show.

Capital Green A Cappella from Michigan State University sings "Let's Get It Started" at Acappalooza 2005.

The Clefhangers from Columbia University have a page of video clips.

The Crosbys of Binghamton University have video clips of TV newscasts about their ICCA win.

The Deltones from the University of Delaware have video clips marked by an asterisk (*).

Effusion from McGill University have video clips near the bottom of their AV page.

An ICCA competition is featured at the beginning of an episode of Inside Rutgers, Season 3, Episode 11, from 11/16/04 (near the bottom of the page).

The Jumpmen from UCLA sing a medley from Super Mario Bros..

The M&Cs from Mount Holyoke College sing at a concert for the 2005 Alumnae Council Weekend.

Mass Transit from New York University has clips from their ICCA Semifinal performance on March 13, 2004, of "Crazy In Love " (Quicktime mp4, 3.3 MB), "Clocks" (4 MB), and "Cry Me a River " (4.7 MB).
They also have clips from SCAMFest, November 5, 2004, of "Such Great Heights" (3.3 MB), "Parachute" (3.9 MB), "Roses" (4.1 MB), "Debra" (4 M B), and "I'm Super" (4.5 MB). (If it gives you a page of code, download the link as a file and open it with Quicktime.)

MIT Resonance sings "Mr. Brightside".

The Pikers of Washington University in St. Louis have a mockumentary Behind the Music (Quicktime, 28 MB), used for their annual Jammin'Toast invitational concert.

Redefined of the University of Wisconsin has a music video of Pompeii and sang a Nintendo medley that has gotten a lot of attention on the web.

The SoCal VoCals from the University of Southern California have some video clips on their website.

Vox Jazz, Harvard Glee Club Lite, and Collegium Musicum are featured in Harvard's ARTS FIRST Celebration page.

The Wheaton College Gentlemen Callers made an intermission video of the seven deadly sins.

The Williams College Springstreeters give you a humorous video on A Cappella Rehabilitation.

The Xtension Chords from the University of Illinois have promotional videos: The Compact Disc (Windows Media Player, large / small); and XTV (Windows Media Player, large / small).

High School Groups

5-Alone from the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School has video clips of their live performance at the International Association for Jazz Education in New York City on January 11, 2006.


Sojam 2005 has a promotional video (Quicktime) for their weekend of seminars and concerts.

The 2004 Vermont A Cappella Summit and the 2004 ICCA Northeast/Central Canada Semifinals are highlighted in a local news report (RealPlayer) from WCAX in Vermont. (If it gives you a page of code, download the link as a file and open it with RealPlayer.)

Beatboxing/Vocal Percussion

An a cappella choir is created for a Honda Civic ad in the UK. After the initial video, click on "Watch" in the upper left corner and watch the video or the making of video.

Beatboxer Entertainment has several beatboxing videos on Google Video.

Wes Carroll of the House Jacks and All About Buford and Dave Baumgartner of Almost Recess show off their vocal percussion at SoJam 2004. (Quicktime, 10.9 MB)

Wes Carroll has a VP sequencer that you can program on his website.

Peter Huang, originally for Singapore, is now in Taiwan and appeared on TV there (using the Thumper on his throat).

Kenny Muhammad has a promo video.

Kid Beyond (Andrew Chaikin) has several video clips of VP and looping, and he appears on VH1's Supergroup.

Kid Lucky and Beat Boxer Entertainment organized a hip hop jam on the E train in New York, featuring beatboxers, scatters, emcees, and spoken work artists. Video can be found at Art of Urban Propaganda and Beatboxer Entertainment.
He is also in a Skype commercial.

Maru of KAT-TUN and a member of Rag Fair beatbox on Japanese TV and Koki joins them.

TikTak's Beatboxing Resource has several beatboxing videos. Just check for the files with the .mov extension.


Ac-Rock lets you mix their voices on "Silhouettes".

baSix sings if you click on their heads.

Bobby McFerrin lets you break down the parts for "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Just Enough".

Jack Black sings in a commercial for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

A parrot does vocal percussion.

Shut Up and Sing, is an indie film that tells the story of former collegiate singers - here's a clip.

The Singing Horses - click on the horse to make him sing.

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