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Tonight, three Contestants will battle it out in the UK X Factor Final, all with the aim of succeeding Little Mix who triumphed last year – as you surely already know.What you may not know is another competition called the Sing-Off took place last year, where a cappella groups battled against each other. Judged by Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman and Sara Bareilles, quintet Pentatonix were victorious, and have taken the world of music by storm, releasing their second album last month.

Compared to a recording contract valued at £1,000,000 (roughly $1,600,000) Little Mix received for winning the X Factor, a prize of $200,000 (roughly £125,000) and a Sony Music recording contract for winning the Sing-Off may have seemed miniscule; however Pentatonix didn’t care, focusing only on their music. It paid off: Pentatonix released their debut album earlier this year in June. Little Mix released their debut album last month; by that time, Pentatonix had already released their second album.

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