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They are charismatic, elegant and true and, if you hear them singing, you will remember the experience forever. Pikkardiyska Tercia, an inimitable band from Lviv, sounds like a small orchestra but in fact its music is performed by six men a cappella. 

Highly professional and innovative, they have been conquering hearts of thousands of fans in Ukraine and abroad for 20 years already. In their repertoire there are over 300 songs in 12 languages, but most of them are in Ukrainian and have deep Ukrainian character. Among their hits are “Starenky tramway” (“The old tram”), “Pustelnyk” (“The hermit”), “Sumna ya bula” (“When I was sad”) and many others.

Apart from drums and percussion the band does not use any musical instruments. They produce all the sounds with a help of their voices and sometimes hands. All musicians have classical education in their background but like to experiment with different music styles, from classical and folk to modern ones.

“If song has a rock-n-roll character I can imitate a guitar,” said Andriy Kapral, band’s tenor and soloist, famous for his improvisation skills. “If song is melodic and calm then I like to make a sound of trumpet. If it’s a tune with jazz mood I can try to reproduce trombone,” said the musician.

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