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Jerry Lawson thought he was done with a cappella groups.

He'd spent more than 30 years in the Persuasions, one of the most admired a cappella troupes of all time, and was ready for something different come 2003. So, he left the Brooklyn-born group, which had put together a string of hit albums during the first half of the '70s, and moved with his wife Julie to Scottsdale, Arizona, to focus on his solo career.

"We had our ups and downs, and ins and outs," Lawson says of his time in the Persuasions. "I was sort of washed up with the whole thing. I just wanted to be on my own, where I was the one to make my own decisions."

Lawson calls what happened next "divine intervention."

He now believes it was God that set him on a path to join up with the longtime Bay Area a cappella group Talk of the Town. There were just too many signs screaming out that the two entities should combine forces for him to ignore.

"That's what happens when (God) opens the door," Lawson says during a recent phone interview from his Scottsdale home. "We don't close the door in his face. He has plans for me, and he wanted me to be associated with the a cappella world."

It's a good thing Lawson listened, since great things have been happening ever since he united with the Bay Area group. Most notably, Lawson and Talk of the Town competed on the recently completed second season of NBC's a cappella showcase "The Sing-Off," where the group made it to the finals and eventually finished fourth in the standings.

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