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With the dominance and convenience of music streaming, the use of CDs has dropped off and it's time for Tunes To Teens to come to an end.  I've been fortunate to play a role in sparking a love a cappella in young singers, helping our movement to grow and thrive.  We've put a cappella CDs into the hands of over 20,000 junior high and high school choir students over the last 15 years, and I'm grateful to the directors who told me about the excitement that created in their classrooms.   

I'd like to thank everyone who supported Tunes To Teens, both financially (those packages don't mail themselves!) and with CD donations.  I want to especially thank our biggest CD donors, Don and Kate Gooding, who gave us the bulk of the CDs we have sent out over the years.  That was the lifeblood of TTT.  We had many other donors we relied on to keep the machine churning and thriving- groups, individuals, even a yearly student-run benefit concert.  The good we were able to do was only because of the generosity you showed.  Thank you.  

I'd also like to thank my wife and kids for putting up with the mountains of boxes and stacks of CDs that have taken over our basement and attic, and for the frequent trips to the post office to mail CDs off to schools.  My youngest daughter recently asked me why I love playing with CDs.  I explained to her it's not about the CDs, it's about sharing music you love with someone else you don't even know, and inspiring them to share that harmony with others.

The leftover CDs from Tunes To Teens and everything from the A Cappella Mega-Sale will become the Great A Cappella Giveaway, coming to BOSS in April and to my front lawn on a Saturday when the weather is nice.  I'm also staying busy cataloging the CASA Archive- more news on that soon (don't throw out your old a cappella albums)!

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