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Tony Backhouse, a leading light in the gospel a cappella singing world, comes back to Fiji in July to lead a singing week at Daku Resort near Savusavu. It’s a unique and exciting week blending his teaching with inspiration from the strong church choir tradition of these Pacific Islands.

Tony is internationally known for his repertoire of spirituals, gospel songs old and new, and choral and quartet styles. He welcomes singers from the experienced to the complete beginner. He starts off each morning workshop with a series of warm-up exercises to relax the body, throat and chest. The singers laugh and hum and move around, and very soon as their emotions also relax, their spirits soar and their voices burst forth.

He’s been to Fiji twice before and had an ecstatic response from the participants, who have come from Australia, New Zealand and the US. The programme he leads allows the group to sing with Fijians in close vocal and physical harmony. Margie Welsford describes the skin-tingling effect it has:

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