HomeTonic Sol-fa doesn't need a competition to find its rhythm

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The men of Tonic Sol-fa have heard it dozens of times: "Why don't you compete on 'The Sing-off'?"

The Minnesota-based a cappella group has been approached but in order to tape the show "you have to give up three months of your schedule," says Shaun Johnson. "They'll fly you back for a couple of shows but we've got 50 shows in those months."

The prize money? It's less than Tonic Sol-fa would make through its other ventures.

"The further you go in those competitions, the more they want to own you as you succeed," says Mark McGowan. "You get less control."

"You get the bump in exposure," Johnson adds. "But some of those groups you never hear from again."

Then, too, "The Sing-off" isn't just a competition among the country's best a cappella groups. Often, Johnson says, the contestants are singers who unite just to compete or college groups "doing the 'Glee' thing."

"Unless it was a much different show with much bigger prizes, I don't think it's something we could do."

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