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Songs from Soweto: an a cappella journey' is a short music documentary depicting life stories of five musicians from the Soweto township.

Discovered in Johannesburg, Dumi, Jabu, Morgan, Lwazi, and Sibu have toured across Europe to share their talent since 2008. Their shows have generated great reviews from press and standing ovations from audience members.

Described as "very creative in combining the physical with the music" in "non-stop joyous irrepressible harmonies and rhythms" and "a sound sensation that uplifts and inspires", the five musicians and dancers have gone a long way from surviving in the streets of the Soweto township to performing in front of international audiences.

Having mastered their singing in school and church choirs, the quintet developed their unique style which combines African and popular gospel, soul, jazz, and doo-wop. Coupled with choreography that both mesmerises and leaves audiences in awe, their performances entertain, move and inspire.

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