HomeStreetmosphere: A cappella group mixes humor, music

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What is an open-air festival without an a cappella group? Being able to hear a vocal group that makes all the music they need without instrument accompaniment is always a fun experience, if for no other reason than to watch and hear how all the voices come together to make a musical soundscape.

Curious Gage is an a cappella group of note in Fort Collins because the group itself started in 2003 and is doing quite well. Even though they’ve had member changes throughout the years and the sound subtly changes with each change, there is no denying that the music is unequivocally good. In 2006, they won the Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes; the year after that, they hosted the event. They have written a few original songs and made CDs, and it is obvious that all the members have fun being in the group and love to perform.

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