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After 16 years of serenading IU’s campus as Straight No Chaser, the beloved on-campus singing group is changing its name to Another Round, beginning Saturday.

“It was originally chosen because the group is a capella with no instruments behind the voices,” said Tyler Trepp, a member of the traveling Atlantic Records’ Straight No Chaser group. “Of course, we were also in college at the time, so that had something to do with the name choice as well.”

The original name came from an old jazz tune that the group sang back in 1996, Trepp said.

Senior TJ Breen, an arts management major, is the music director for the IU Straight No Chaser. With two groups sharing one name, Breen said trying to make both groups work under Straight No Chaser has been difficult.

“The Atlantic Records Straight No Chaser is one of the top touring groups in the country, and then we are one of the best undergraduate groups in the country, so both of us are doing a lot of shows,” Breen said.  “It just became evident that it was too hard to clarify the difference between the two groups, and that became a big problem for us.”

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