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Well I want to talk to you first of all about your latest record, 'Rant'. How did you come up with the concept for that record?
Barry Hyde: Well, obviously a capella music was not what was expected from us and that was obviously deliberate. We wanted to do something really different, to do something that would excite us because of how different it was. I mean, the idea originally stemmed from when we did the a capella cover of 'A Capella' by Kelis for Live Lounge on Radio 1. We thought that we could do more of that and so we did…a whole bloody album in fact!

Recording such a record in the studio I imagine is one thing but playing it live must be quite scary surely?
Ross Millard: Yeah, obviously it was a little daunting at first taking to the stage without our guitars to hide behind and all that but it was really fun as well. The whole thing has been an enjoyable challenge. The reaction to the shows as well has been really positive so it has certainly been a really enjoyable experience overall.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty sceptical when I first listened to the album but it’s pretty hard not to like. Were you always confident that people were going to ‘get it’?
Barry: Well not necessarily confident but I think we always believed there would be people out there who would enjoy it. It’s not so far-fetched that people who like our music normally would like us doing a capella songs as well I don’t think!

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