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What does it take to grab the attention of a room full of tech investors and entrepreneurs sipping red wine and gin and tonics?

A little Lady Gaga never hurt.

On a recent evening, New York City’s self-proclaimed all-tech a cappella group silenced a crowd filled with venture capital investors—a rare feat under any circumstances—at the annual DFJ Gotham Ventures dinner at the Standard Hotel just by singing on pitch without accompaniment.

They call themselves NYC#. Depending on the crowd, the superscripted # can stand for either sharp or hashtag. Singers range in age from 26 to 33 years old and hail from companies within the growing New York tech scene, such as Foursquare and the Startup Institute of New York. In their day job, they work in digital marketing, sales and UX design.

Their Silicon Alley experience has taught them the value of adapting to their audience. The group changed some of the lyrics to the singer Lady Gaga’s ballad “You and I” to reflect the oft-fraught relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.

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