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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — A beautiful singing voice often resonates through a fourth-floor patient wing at Mary Black Hospital in Spartanburg.

The sound comes from Denise Wiley — a nurse who delivers much more than compassionate care, friendly conversations and a warm smile during hourly rounds.

Wiley, who has worked at Mary Black for a little more than a year, believes there is healing power in music, and she sings gospel songs, and other songs upon request, to patients in their rooms.

"Music makes you feel good," she said. "If you're having a bad day, a good song can make you feel a little bit better."

On a recent Monday, Wiley stood by the bedside of Pearlie Mae Smith. The nurse opened her mouth and an a capella version of "God on the Mountain" filled the small room.

"Life is easy, when you're up on that mountain ..."

The music drifted down the halls of the telemetry/surgical unit on the fourth floor.

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