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Hi everyone, Javier here from Voxpop. We're making a new aca video of the song Smile, by Charles Chaplin, and instead of us appearing in front of the camera as usual, this time we're asking all our friends in the global aca-community to send us their smiles for the video. Some of you may have seen a few of our previous videos already, but to those who haven't, head here to check them out http://www.youtube.com/voxpopacapellaband

Here's the thing, we want everyone to send us photos of themselves (or family members, or friends) smiling. That's it! They don't need to be professional photos at all, but do keep in mind the following:

  • There needs to be only one person per photo, not more. 
  • Should be framed as a very close close-up of the face (so the background or clothes aren't relevant),
  • Landscape orientation please, not portrait.
  • If possible, the person should be looking at the camera
  • Can be taken with a webcam, cell phone, what ever you have available... However, do try to send us the photos in as much resolution as possible. 
  • By sending us your photos you are automatically authorizing us to use them in our Smile Videoclip, but for nothing else. 

Send us your pics, (and questions) to javier@voxpop.com.ar, putting "Smile video" in the subject line. 

Thanks in advance for taking part! Look forward to receiving your smiles! And hurry, the deadline is October 1!