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For being on the collegiate a cappella scene for only a decade, the University of Oregon’s women’s vocal ensemble Divisi has made quite a name for itself.

Granted, it is a niche that not everyone knows about, understands or likes, but Divisi’s modern twist on the once male-dominated a cappella tradition got it noticed by those in the know, including being one of the three main groups featured in the recent book “Pitch Perfect: the Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory.”

Tonight, most of the women who have sung with the group and the current lineup of college students will convene at the Shedd to celebrate 10 years with a concert that both reminiscences and gives a sample of what the group is doing now.

“I am not saying I am a professional musician because of Divisi, but I think it played a huge role,” said Eugene-based singer Evynne Hollens, a Divisi founder who spearheaded the anniversary show. “I think you would find a lot of girls who would say Divisi was kind of a life-changing thing. Not just musically, but the friendships we developed. It was kind of out of the ordinary. It was very unique.”

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