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Home-grown a cappella group MIcappella are getting a shot at fame in China, on the singing contest The Sing Off.

The spin-off from an American reality show of the same name - which got canned after its third season - made its Chinese debut this month.

MIcappella - comprising six vocalists aged between 26 and 30 - are among the top 16 acts.

In an e-mail interview from Shenzhen where the show is being recorded, band manager Diana Tan, 30, said: "The idea of being on national TV in a country as large as China is still pretty surreal.

"But I'm sure once (the episode we're on) is broadcast, we'll start to understand the full scope of how large this programme, and the audience size, is."

The band have been there for the past 12 days and have recorded one episode so far.

The competition is open to talents from all over Asia, with participants mainly from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. MIcappella are the only ensemble from Singapore.

The chance to appear on the reality show was an opportunity too good to be missed, said Ms Tan.

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